A three day fest and memories for lifetime! This was the crux of NITTFest’07, the inter department culturals of the NITT.

It was flagged off by Mr.Ashish Vachhani, the Collector of Tiruchirapalli on 30th March 2007. For NITTians, it was playing hard again. For SS Music, it was one fun time. They were Television Media partners for the event and people saw Gibran, the VJ waving out to the masses and finding loads of newfound talent-in-front-of-the-lens. The spotlight event, Choreo, an evening of 11 performances by the eleven departments is something one can’t afford to miss. The day saw the college music troupe giving a Rock Show in the informals arena. Well the Iron Maiden covers did sound off well with the lead guitarist setting the strings and the speakers on a blast. The next day saw Movie Spoof with some rolling fun on the stage with departments battling to set the auditorium rolling on the floor laughing.

The evening saw the Valediction which was presided by the Commissioner of Police, Mr.Shankar Jiwal. This was succeeded by Manoranjan in which each department was given a 12 minute window of time to depict anything that caught their fancy. This was an event of maximum entropy with a riot of colours and themes giving platforms to many schools of thought and their expression. NITTFest ’07 ended in ultimate style with the College Music Troupe’s full fledged performance.

The general competitions were classified under five major categories – English, Tamil and Hindi Lits, Culturals and Arts. The standard for each of them is classic. But NITTFest ’07 too had its share of new events because NITTFest is not just a colourful and pompous affair but a platform for experimenting with new stuff. Ranging from events like the Pixie, Hindi Shipwreck, Navarasam (Tamil Streetplay), etc, to the use of the BAR CODE reader at the food counter for accounting purposes, innovation was the name of the game around every street corner this time. The best ever was perhaps Music n Mime. An event named Pseudodelic was out for those that could mime the performance of a rock band on stage with the actual music running in the back ground. That called for a lot of head bangs and strumming in the air.

All said and done, NITTFest ’07 was an organizational excellence and an overall hit pulled off by the students of NIT Trichy.