The Phoenix, NIT Trichy (formerly, LEO Club of NITT) is one of the most famous and established clubs in the campus started as a student activity group in 1995. A junior wing to the Lions Club of Srirangam in its early days, Phoenix is now affiliated to United Nation Council of India and Bhutan. It is a club run by a dedicated set of students with great zeal and passion.


The club combines its primary objectives of performing social service tasks in and out of campus, with organizing various cultural, literary and sporting events, bringing out the hidden talents amongst the Nittians. From organizing medical camps to blood donation camps to initiating recycling of paper around campus, the members try doing their bit for the society.


On a lighter note, events like Literati ( annual Lits event), Leophoria ( The interaction event for first years), Sports Fete (annual inter-department sports event ), Nostalgia (Final Year Awards Night) and its flagship event the Model United Nation conference helps foster a sense of camaraderie amongst the budding engineers.

The independent nature of the club ensures that there is no limit or restriction upon the type of events that can be held by the club. Phoenix is always open to fresh ideas and has hence ventured out into a partnership with UNIC, thus exposing the club to a whole new set of ideas and an opportunity to stand out among its peers on a national platform.


The Phoenix, NIT Trichy is firmly committed towards the students of NITT and it is its constant endeavour to make their time in a college a memorable one for which it constantly strives to improvise and innovate its activities.