Batch of 2013

NITT Central Webteam Alumni Batch Of 2009-2013

Dinesh Prashanth(DP)
Final Year, CSE
Email: Formula: 0
Main Armoury: C/C++, PHP, Adobe Photoshop
Side Armoury: MySQL, GNU/Linux, Java
Primary Operation: Designing, Web Development

Shiva Nandan(seek)
Final Year, CSE
Email: Formula: 1
Main Armoury: Ruby, PHP
Side Armoury: Linux, MySQL, Javascript
Primary Operation: Application Development

Siddhant Sanyam(smik)
Final Year, CSE
Email: Formula: 2
Main Armoury: Python, PHP, Javascript
Side Armoury: C/C++, AJAX
Primary Operation: System Administrator

Central Webteam Alumni

* These members constitute the central webteam, responsible for improving & updating the contents on the web. They coordinate the department webteams to improve & come up with better content & look & feel. Integral part of the delta force are the department webteams whose responsiblility is to maintain their respective department webpages. The list of the department webteam can be found in their respective department webpages.