Music Troupe

It all began when a few guys played the veena, mridangam and a few other instruments on the terrace of Lapis hostel years ago. Today it is –The Music Troupe, a platform where a group of engineers rejoice at the ecstasy that the harmony of notes and the precision of percussion creates. 

Ranging from Indian classical to light popular music and western, the music troupe provides a vast canvas that can be used by students to quench their creative thirst. Besides representing the college in various cultural festivals and performing at college for events like FESTEMBER and NITTFEST, the music troupe also performs for charity and social causes.

Music is a uniting force transcending all barriers created by man. With chords, notes, beats and rhythm we, the Music Troupe of NITT make an effort to strengthen this force and keep alive the spirit of rock and roll.

To check out more of their work, visit: Music Troup's Social Media page