Tamil Mandram

Tamil Mandram NITT has been actively functioning for the past 50 years at NIT Trichy, as a group of Tamil enthusiasts passionate about the language.
As a part of our initiatives for the Academic year 2020-21, we have released two editions of our club's magazine NITTilam.

NITTILAM, as our institute's very own bi-annual Tamil magazine, aims to serve and entertain not just students, but our beloved professors, staff, and their families too.

NITTILAM 2020: https://issuu.com/tamilmandramnittrichy/docs/nitilam_2
The highlighted articles of the 2020 edition include an interview from our beloved alumni turned retired professor  Dr.Anantharaman, a recount of life on campus, an article on corona awareness, and an examination of the marvel, that is Kallanai!

NITTILAM 2021: https://issuu.com/tamilmandramnittrichy/docs/nitilam_jan_2021_with_links
This edition highlights an article celebrating the memories created with friends and family during the lockdown, a study on theatre and music, a delve into a popular Tamil saying celebrating globalism, and a book review.

Short stories, essays, reviews, trivia, riddles, jokes, and the like make up the rest of the magazines.

Please provide us with your valuable feedback on the magazines by writing to tamilmandram@nitt.edu

Check out Tamil Mandram's other initiatives at https://linktr.ee/tamilmandramnitt and our social media page