Office of the First year Coordinator

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The Office of the First Year Coordinator serves as a pivotal hub for the academic and personal development of fresh students embarking on their educational journey. With a focus on easing the transition from school to college, this office provides essential guidance and support to ensure a smooth adaptation to campus life. From academic counseling to orientation programs, the First Year Coordinator fosters a nurturing environment conducive to learning and growth. Through a range of initiatives and activities, including mentorship programs and workshops, the office fosters a sense of community and belonging among first-year students, laying a solid foundation for their future success at NIT Tiruchirappalli.

First Year Professor-in charge

Dr. B. Karthikeyan
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Academic Coordinator (ORION / LOGOS)

1. Dr. Raghu Ram Karthik Desu
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2. Dr. Annapureddy Venkateshwarlu
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Rules and Regulations

First Year Regulations (2019-20 Onwards)

Curriculum and Syllabus


Contact Details

Office of the First year Coordinator
LOGOS_Lecture Hall Complex
National Institute of Technology
Tiruchirappalli - 620 015
Tamil Nadu, India
Telephone : +91 (431) 2503018 / 3019
Fax : +91 (431) 2500133 (O/o the Director)
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