Recently Constructed

Student Activity Center (SAC)

Location: behind Stadium and Sport Ground

Security Office

Location: Near NITT Main gate

MME department Annex building

Location: Adjacent to MME department

New faculty Quarters

Location: Opp. to Guest House behind Cement Godown

New Guest House

Location: East of Guest House


New QIP Quarters

Location: Behind Shopping Complex


Meenakshi A/C Canteen Inaugurated

Location: Near Mega mess-II

Vasantham Canteen Inaugurated

Location: Inbetween SJB Building and ICE Department

New Ladies Hostels Opal D

Location: Near Opal Hostels

Amber A Boys Hostel

Location: Behind funnel tank

Amber B Boys Hostel



Location: Behind funnel tank

Aquamarine A Boys Hostel


Location: Behind Zircon Hostel

Health Care Centre Inaugurated

 Inside NITT Hospital

Date of Commencement: 19/2/2007
Estimated Cost: Rs.195 Lakhs
Location: Behind existing hospital

Mega-Mess 2 Inaugurated

Mega-Mess 2 Kitchen

 Mega-Mess 2 Dining Hall

Date of Commencement: 13/6/2007
Estimated Cost: Rs.263 Lakhs
Location: between Garnet C Hostel and Funnel Tank

Mega-Mess 1 Inaugurated

Mega-Mess 1 Dining Hall

Location: Next to Sapphire Hostel 

Zircon B Hostel


Zircon C Hostel

Location: Next to Zircon A Hostel

Garnet C Hostel

Date of Commencement: 29/7/2007
Estimated Cost: Rs.367 Lakhs
Location: Next to Garnet B & Mega-mess 2

Garnet A & B Cycle Parking

New Library building


Date of Commencement: 1/12/2006
Estimated Cost: Rs.560 Lakhs
Location: Opposite to existing library

New Architecture department building Inaugurated

Location: Next to Chemical Engg. Dept.

New Basketball Court Inaugurated

Location: In between stadium and new library building 

Underground Sump


Location: Behind Chemical 

Production Annex building

Adjacent to Production department

Chemical Annex building

Adjacent to Chemical department


Mechanical faculty block Inaugurated

Location: Mechanical department (inside the quadrangle)

Shoping Complex


Location: West of Shoping Complex

New faculty Quarters Constructed

Location: Extension of new avenue, A/1st Street

Old hospital being renovated

Location: Old Hospital

RECAL Middle School building Inaugurated

Date of Commencement: September 2007
Estimated Cost: 60 Lakhs
Location: Behind 19th Street