There are Nine Messes in all

  1. M/s Shree Sai Services – North Indian Menu – Opal Mess GF
  2. M/s Sri Guru Raghavendra Foods (P) Ltd – South Indian Menu – Opal Mess FF
  3. M/s Sakthi’s Kitchen (P) Ltd - South Indian Menu – Mega Mess I GF
  4. M/s Neelkesh Caterers (P) Ltd – North Indian Menu – Mega Mess I FF
  5. M/s Swathi Caterers – South Indian Menu – Mega Mess II GF
  6. M/s Annapurna Catering Services – North Indian Menu – Mega Mess II FF
  7. M/s Vinayaka Caterers – Mixed Indian Menu – Kailash Mess (Tripti)
  8. M/s Ideal Catering Services (P) Ltd – Andhra Menu – Annapurna Mess (Swadh)
  9. M/s Shaji Caters – Kerala Menu – Sabari Mess (Nalan)


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Weekly Menu list for Students dining in Mess

Megamess 1


Each mess has a warden. Committees of elected student representatives manage the messes.The hostel office consisting of Hostel Manager, Senior Superintendent and supporting staff looks after the day-to-day operations of the messes.

Recently constructed mega messes.

Megamess 2

Megamess 2 Kitchen

Date of Commencement: 13/6/2007
Estimated Cost Rs.263 Lakhs