October, 2009



Your resume is nothing but an advertisement about yourself. It is a sales pitch for the consumption of a potential employer. Not more than a minute is spent in scanning a resume. Therefore, your resume should bring out your best in bullet points. To aid you in this, a set of action / power verbs have been collated as a ready reckoner.

Communication/People Skills Helping Skills Creative Skills
Addressed Advocated Acted
Advertised Aided Adapted
Authored Answered Began
Clarified Arranged Combined
Consulted Assessed Composed
Convinced Assisted Conceptualized
Corresponded Contributed Condensed
Debated Cooperated Created
Defined Counseled Established
Directed Demonstrated Formulated
Discussed Ensured Founded
Edited Expedited Illustrated
Elicited Helped Initiated
Enlisted Facilitated Instituted
Explained Prevented Integrated
Expressed Provided Introduced
Formulated Referred Invented
Incorporated Simplified Modified
Influenced Supplied Originated
Interacted Supported Performed
Interpreted Volunteered Photographed
Interviewed Management Skills Planned
Listened Administered Revised
Presented Attained Revitalized
Promoted Chaired Shaped
Proposed Considered Teaching Skills
Publicized Directed Adapted
Reconciled Eliminated Advised
Reported Emphasized Clarified
Suggested Enforced Coached
Summarized Enhanced Communicated
Translated Established Conducted
Wrote Executed Coordinated
Research Skills Generated Critiqued
Analyzed Handled Developed
Calculated Headed Educated
Collected Hired Enabled
Compared Implemented Encouraged
Detected Improved Evaluated
Determined Incorporated Explained
Diagnosed Informed Facilitated
Evaluated Maintained Familiarized
Formulated Mediated Focused
Gathered Monitored Guided
Inspected Motivated Individualized
Organized Oversaw Persuaded
Prepared Scheduled Simulated
Reviewed Secured Stimulated
Solved Selected Taught
Summarized Streamlined Tested
Surveyed Strengthened Trained