Faculty Advisor

Dr. (Mrs.) B. Janet
Assistant Professor/Computer Applications 
Formula: 0

Dr. M. Sridevi
Assistant Professor/Computer Science and Engineering 
Formula: 1

Staff Advisor

Shri. Pradeep Kandaswamy
Senior Technical Officer/CSG
Formula: 2

Shri. S. Thavamani
Technician SG-II
Formula: 3

Members of Webteam, NITT

Present Members

Adarsh Patel Formula: 4
Subash Aravindan P Formula: 5
Ishani Srivastava Formula: 6
Kumaran G Formula: 7
V S Rahul Formula: 8
Bharath Kumar R Formula: 9
Aditya Kumar Formula: 10
Karaen S Formula: 11
Deeraj Esvar R Formula: 12
Nimish Agrawal Formula: 13
A Abishake Formula: 14
Ram Sreevaths R S Formula: 15
Mario Jones Vimal S.A Formula: 16
Hrishikesh Shekhar Formula: 17
S Jithendaraa Formula: 18
Vivek Raveendran Formula: 19


Point of contact for website related queries for your department

Note : Please cc all mails to delta@nitt.edu. As per instructions, no changes in the website will be initiated without an official email at delta@nitt.edu . Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

Department Name NIT-T Email Alternative Email Cell
ARCHITECTURE Anu Elizabath John 106118011@nitt.edu anuejohn@gmail.com 7902816230
S Jithendaraa 114117082@nitt.edu jithen.subra@gmail.com 8754497524
CECASE Pavithra S 106118091@nitt.edu pavisri99@gmail.com 9445579198
Adarsh Patel 106117004@nitt.edu adarshpatel509@gmail.com 7887034748
CHEMICAL Shohan Dutta Roy 108118091@nitt.edu shohanduttaroy99@gmail.com 8135026346
Subash 102117058@nitt.edu p.subasharavindan@gmail.com 9791058966
CHEMISTRY Ahmed shamsudeen 106118006@nitt.edu ahmedshamsudeen2000@gmail.com 7358420669
Ishani Srivastava 106117032@nitt.edu ishasri.1212@gmail.com 9123481799
CIVIL Avi Kumar Singh 106118017@nitt.edu avithewinner1508@gmail.com 7338798208
Kumaran 103117050@nitt.edu kumaran1432000@gmail.com 9566541342
COMPUTER SCIENCE V Aananth 106118103@nitt.edu aananthv@outlook.com 7397457031
V S Rahul 106117111@nitt.edu rahulvs10@outlook.com 9786769053
COMPUTER APPLICATIONS Balaji Jayashrri 106118019@nitt.edu balaji.jayashrri@gmail.com 9566343697
Bharath Kumar R 108117021@nitt.edu bharathkumarravichandran@gmail.com 7708845078
DEE/CEESAT Shrey Garg 106118087@nitt.edu shrey.mail.official@gmail.com 7338749375
Aditya Kumar 106117006@nitt.edu k.aditya00@gmail.com 8449980904
EEE Karaen 107117047@nitt.edu skaraen@gmail.com 8667225496
ECE Ram T N 108118078@nitt.edu ram20.91999@gmail.com 9884052296
Vivek Raveendran 108117105@nitt.edu satsvivek@gmail.com 9791096755
HUMANITIES A Pranav Shriram 106118014@nitt.edu pranavshriram99@gmail.com 9677019406
ICE CH Chethan Reddy 108118028@niit.edu crdy2k1@gmail.com 9962338953
Aditya Rana 110118002@nitt.edu mail2aditya.rana98@gmail.com 9500588159
Deeraj Esvar R 110117026@nitt.edu theepshi123@gmail.com 9600852718
DOMS Meivenkatkumar LN 106118056@nitt.edu ln.meivenkatkumar21@gmail.com 7010249819
MATHEMATICS Abeshek Narayan R 106118002@nitt.edu abeshek.ramanathan2000@gmail.com 6383679109
Nimish Agrawal 106117061@nitt.edu nimishagarwal76@gmail.com 9791487089
MECHANICAL Tejus R 111118114@nitt.edu rameshtejus@gmail.com 7010599094
Abishake 106117001@nitt.edu abishake.110899@gmail.com 7845330552
METALLURGY Bestin B Thomas 112118008@nitt.edu bestinbthomas@gmail.com 8111931125
Ram Sreevaths R S 106117074@nitt.edu ramrsrs99@gmail.com 8903003085
PHYSICS Bhavesh Mandhan 110118018@nitt.edu igj321182@gmail.com 9068227449
Mario Jones Vimal S.A 103117059@nitt.edu mariovimal@gmail.com 9444018377
PRODUCTION V Vikram 114118100@nitt.edu vikram710v@gmail.com 9962447541
Hrishikesh Shekhar 108117042@nitt.edu hrishikeshshekhar@gmail.com 9940318977

Note : Please cc all mails to delta@nitt.edu

If you don't get a satisfactory reply within 48 hours of sending an email to the above, please contact

Homepage/General Nimish Agrawal 106117061@nitt.edu nimishagarwal76@gmail.com 9791487089
  Aditya Kumar 106117006@nitt.edu k.aditya00@gmail.com 8449980904


Central Webteam Alumni

* These members constitute the central webteam, responsible for improving & updating the contents on the web. They coordinate the department webteams to improve & come up with better content & look & feel. Integral part of the delta force are the department webteams whose responsiblility is to maintain their respective department webpages. The list of the department webteam can be found in their respective department webpages.