ECE Association

The ECE Association was the conception of Dr. A.L. Abdusattar (former HOD) in March 1992 seeded with the idea of organizing a national level technical symposium which would be the first of its kind in the college.

Since its conception in 1992, the ECE Association has played the vital role of being the much needed bridge between the students and industry level research and development.

The Association organizes several events throughout the academic year like guest lectures, competitions, field trips, tech talks and most importantly PROBE, one of the largest department symposium in India.

PROBE has played host to several industry giants such as Atmel, National Instruments, CISCO, Cypress Semiconductors, Intel, Schneider Electric and Texas Instruments through workshops and technical talks at the NIT, Trichy campus. With active participation from students in and around the region and recently with international level participation, PROBE has escalated to being a series of events held throughout the year.

The Association works with the following objectives:

  • All students of the Department of ECE, NIT Trichy are given default membership
  • To provide for all supportive co-curricular training required by students to enhance their curricular performance and keep them updated with recent trends in industry
  • To work towards bridging the distance between the textbook syllabi taught and the practical application in industry
  • To groom and nurture the qualities of teamwork, leadership, mutual understanding and co-existence and to provide exposure to public and executive communication
  • To motivate continued inspiration of the students towards core research in the field of Electronics and Communication Engineering

The ECE Association maintains 3 websites for its members, symposium and national connectivity respectively.

The association has currently taken up the initiative to connect the students in all other sister NITs on a single online platform with active participation from industry and academic researchers.

Activities Conducted By ECE Association 2013-2014

  1. Welcome Session for 2nd years: ‘The best way a team can work towards a common goal is by knowing and understanding each other’. The ECE Association firmly believing in this adage stepped out to welcome the freshmen into the department on 7th August. The 2nd years were introduced to the Mission and Vision of the department. A brief presentation was given on the history, the faculty, students and alumni of ECE from NIT Trichy alongwith the yearly activities such as PROBE, our annual international department symposium and NITTFEST the college interdepartmental cultural festival for which the department hold the record number of 6 title wins and is the current defending champion. The session succeded in pepping up the 2nd years to enthusiastically participate in all association activities.
  2. Inauguration: The ECE Association marked its annual inauguration ceremony on 8th October. The new student body was felicitated in the presence of Dr. S. Muttan, Regional Director of Anna University, Trichy who gave an inspiring lecture on personality development and character motivation. This was followed by a technical lecture by Dr. R. Ravi Chief, Radiology Department, Government Hospital, Trichy on the use of electronic scanning equipment in medical technology. The event marked the official commencement of work by the association for the academic year 2013-2014.
  3. 3 day Workshop on Linux and Python:  Linux is one of the most essential platforms in engineering research and development. The ECE Association thus conducted a workshop on the basics of Linux and Python in association with GNU Linux Users Group- Trichy  (GLUG-T). The workshop saw active participation from over 240 students. The third day comprised of a free for all session on Python taken by R. Mohana Sudarshan which received a standing applause from the participants.
  4. 2 day workshop on Internet Security: In the age of cyber wars, Internet Security is of prime importance. The ECE Association invited HiCube Infosec Ltd which deals with cyber security issues of the Indian Military as well as with several state police agencies to take a 2 day workshop on basics of networks and  hands-on internet security essentials. The workshop named ‘HAXUS’ conducted on 28th and 29th October was taken by the famous expert ‘Samanvay Gupta’ turned out to be a highly interactive event.
  5. 3 day workshop on Introduction to Raspberry Pi: The world is growing small!!! The Raspberry Pi which revolutionized pocket sized PC boards is one of the most versatile platforms for students to develop their project ideas. A 3 day workshop was conducted on 30th ,31st October and 1st November by ECE Association with trainers from Robotics and Machine Intelligence (RMI), the official robotics club of NIT Trichy. With hands-on training on loading the Raspbian, SSH, VNC Server, use of GPIOs, the workshop was a highly technical experience for over a dozen participant teams from NITT and Sastra University who got to take away a raspberry pi kit from the workshop.
  6. HORIZONS: The inter-departmental cultural festival exclusively for 2nd years conducted by the ROTARACT Club saw the department standing at joint 3rd position with the CSE department. ECE students showed their talent in brilliant teamwork such as movie-making, English literary events and many other fields of extracurricular talent.