Probe '08

10000 BC-Language is born out of grunts and other vocal sounds made by man while physical exertions. Man is finally able to express himself vocally.


2000 AD-Development of Internet makes it possible for man to express his ideas all over the globe from Tehran to Timbuktu from Dar-es-salaam to Denver.


Communication truly has come a long way indeed. Technology has overcome geography giving birth to the term ‘global village’. Ensnared in the great web the world has been connected like never before. Today if a man in Japan can talk with a person in Peru about the happenings in France we only have technology to thank. The advent of technology has blurred national borders. Truly communication has united us all.


The rapid strides made in communication are only one the many instances of the grey matter of man at work. This is possible only when there is a desire not to accept things for what they are but constantly question why they are this way. That is the spirit of questioning. Innovation is possible only where the mind is free in its relentless pursuit of knowledge. It is this spirit which fuels action. Technology owes much to the people who refused to allow things for what they were but strived to invent. This is what we are looking for at Probe 07- The spirit of inquiry, the zeal to work, the desire to innovate. Probe-the national level annual technical symposium of Electronics and Communication Department of NIT Trichy, presented by the ECE Association, covers a variety of events from coding to hardware, technical to general. We also have an array of guest lectures and video conferences exhibiting the latest in the field.


It is easy to rest back and content with existing order but the world is obliged to the chosen few who refused to do this and instead dared to dream.


For who must do the hard things, he who can. Come to Probe-08 and let your dream take wings.