Digital Image Processing       3-0-0-3


  • To treat the 2D systems as an extension of 1D system design and discuss techniques specific to 2D systems.



Elements of Visual perception. Image sensing and Acquisition . Imaging in different bands. Digital Image Representation.  Relationship  between  pixels.  Image  transformations:  2D-DFT,  DCT,  DST,  Hadamard, Walsh, Hotelling transformation, 2D-Wavelet transformation, Wavelet packets.

Image Enhancements in spatial domain and Frequency domain. Image Restoration techniques. Color Image processing.

Error free compression: Variable length coding, LZW, Bit-plane coding, Lossless predictive coding Lossy compression: Lossy predictive coding, transform coding, wavelet coding. Image compression standards, CCITT, JPEG, JPEG 2000, Video compression standards.

Summary of morphological operations in Binary and Gray Images. Image segmentation: Point, Line and Edge segmentation. Edge linking and Boundary detection. Segmentation using thresholding, Region based segmentation. Segmentation by morphological watersheds. Use of motion in segmentation.

Feature Extraction from the Image: Boundary descriptors, Regional descriptors, Relational descriptors.


Text Books

1.   R. C.Gonzalez, R.E.Woods,” Digital Image processing”, Pearson edition, Inc3/e,2008.

2.   A.K.Jain,” Fundamentals of Digital Image Processing”, PHI,1995


Reference Books

1.   J.C. Russ,” The Image Processing Handbook”, (5/e), CRC, 2006

2.   R.C.Gonzalez & R.E. Woods; “Digital Image Processing with MATLAB”, Prentice Hall, 2003



Students are able to

CO1: understand the need for image transforms different types of image transforms and their properties.

CO2: develop any image processing application.

CO3: understand the rapid advances in Machine vision.

CO4: learn different techniques employed for the enhancement of images.

CO5: learn different causes for image degradation and overview of image restoration techniques.

CO6:  understand  the  need  for  image  compression  and  to  learn  the  spatial  and  frequency  domain techniques of image compression.

       CO7: learn different feature extraction techniques for image analysis and recognition