RF MEMS     3-0-0-3


  • To impart knowledge on basics of MEMS and their applications in RF circuit design.



Micromachining  Processes  -  methods,  RF  MEMS  relays  and  switches.  Switch  parameters.  Actuation mechanisms. Bistable relays and micro actuators. Dynamics of switching operation.

MEMS inductors and capacitors. Micromachined inductor. Effect of inductor layout. Modeling and design issues of planar inductor. Gap-tuning and area-tuning capacitors. Dielectric tunable capacitors.

MEMS phase shifters. Types. Limitations. Switched delay lines. Fundamentals of RF MEMS Filters. Micromachined transmission lines. Coplanar lines. Micromachined directional coupler and mixer. Micromachined   antennas.   Microstrip   antennas   –   design   parameters.   Micromachining   to   improve performance. Reconfigurable antennas.


Text Books

1.   Vijay.K.Varadan,  K.J. Vinoy, and K.A. Jose, “ RF MEMS and their Applications”, Wiley-India,2011.


Reference Books

1.   H.J.D.Santos, “RF MEMS Circuit Design for Wireless Communications”, Artech House, 2002.

2.   G.M.Rebeiz, “RF MEMS Theory, Design, and Technology”, Wiley, 2003.



Students are able to

CO1: learn the Micromachining Processes

CO2: learn the design and applications of RF MEMS inductors and capacitors.

CO3: learn about RF MEMS Filters and RF MEMS Phase Shifters.

CO4: learn about the suitability of micromachnied transmission lines for RF MEMS

       CO5: learn about the Micromachnied Antennas and Reconfigurable Antennas