Metal Quenching Research Laboratory

Metal Quenching Research Laboratory

Lab In-Charge: Dr.-Ing. Ashok Kumar Nallathambi


Equipment List / Details:

  1.  Infrared Therocam VarioCam HD Head 700 - Measurement upto 900 degC - 60Hz, 640x480 Resolution - To measure the time and space dependent temperature profile
  2.  Variable Speed Pump (Grundfos) - Max flow rate 3 cu.meter per hour, 52m head - To supply water at high pressure & constant flow rate

  3.  Moving Mold Mechanism – LES 4 Linear drive ( ISEL GmbH) - 0.1 mm accurate positioning, max speed 90 mm/s, 900 mm travel distance - To move the water mold at required speed

  4.  Electromagnetic Flowmeter (FLOWTECH) - 5-50 Liter/min, 25 bar, 15 mm diameter - To measure water flow rate





Experimental observation of AA7075 plate: (a) IR image, (b) and (c) Quench crack

List of experiments:

  1. Measurement of temperature profile during quenching
  2. Rewetting effect on solid and semi-solid plates
  3. Observation of Water Ejection and propagation of wetting front effects
  4. Observation of Crack initiation and propagation