Electrochemical and thermodynamic principles - Nernst equation and electrode potential of metals, standard electrodes and reference electrodes, E.M.F. and galvanic series, Pourbaix diagram and its importance for iron, aluminium and magnesium


Exchange current density, different forms of polarisation: activation, concentration, resistance polarisation, Tafel equation, electrochemical behaviour of active-passive metals, Flade potential, theories of passivity


Atmospheric, pitting, dealloying, stress corrosion cracking, intergranular corrosion, corrosion fatigue, fretting corrosion, high temperature oxidation, catastrophic and internal oxidation


On - site investigation and laboratory analysis - corrosion testing - laboratory, semi plant service and field tests; corrosion in ceramics, polymers and remedial measures


Corrosion prevention, design improvement, cathodic and anodic protection, coatings (metallic and non-metallic), and corrosion inhibitors - economic aspects of corrosion control and corrosion auditing in industries - corrosion map of India


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