Introduction tribology, surface degradation, wear and corrosion, types of wear, roles of friction and lubrication- overview of different forms of corrosion, introduction to surface engineering, importance of substrate


Chemical and electrochemical polishing, significance, specific examples, chemical conversion coatings, phosphating, chromating, chemical colouring, anodizing of aluminium alloys, thermochemical processes -industrial practices 


Surface pre-treatment, deposition of copper, zinc, nickel and chromium - principles and practices, alloy plating, electrocomposite plating, electroless plating of copper, nickel-phosphorous, nickel-boron; electroless composite plating; application areas, properties, test standards (ASTM) for assessment of quality deposits


Definitions and concepts,  physical vapour deposition (PVD), evaporation, sputtering, ion plating, plasma nitriding, process capabilities,  chemical vapour deposition (CVD), metal organic CVD, plasma assisted  CVD,  specific industrial  applications


Thermal spraying, techniques, advanced spraying techniques - plasma surfacing,  D-Gun and high velocity oxy-fuel processes, laser surface alloying and cladding, specific industrial applications, tests for assessment of wear  and corrosion behaviour


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