Pre-requisite: Preferably for students from non-metallurgical background


(Materials Science programme is inter-disciplinary in nature, with students joining from diverse backgrounds)


(Students having metallurgical engineering background will be familiar with the contents)


Trends and developments in materials – historical perspective – challenging applications


Need for microstructurally engineered materials – top down and bottom up approaches in assemblage of materials / particles


Detailed discussion on specific material systems - metallic glasses – processing conditions – bulk metallic glasses


Stainless and special steels – low density and high strength alloys, Introduction to superalloys,   cryogenic materials


Shape memory alloys, functionally gradient materials, introduction to biomaterials and nano materials


1.        Polmear I. J. ‘Light alloys: Metallurgy of Light Metals’, 3rd Edition, Arnold , 19952.        Leslie V.C, ‘Physical Metallurgy of Steels’, McGraw Hill, 1982