General features of single screw extrusion, Feed zone, compression zone and metering zone, Mechanism of flow, Analysis of flow in extruder, Extruder volumetric efficiency, and General features of twin screw extruders  


Granule production and compounding, Profile production, Film blowing, Blow moulding, Extrusion blow moulding. Extrusion stretch blow moulding. Extrusion coating processes.  Recent developments in extrusion technology


Screws.  Nozzles.  Moulds- runners, sprues, venting, mould temperature controls.  Insulated  runner moulds. Structural foam injection moulding. Sandwich moulding.  Reaction injection moulding.  Injection moulding of thermosetting materials. 

Thermoforming, Calendering, Rotational Moulding, Compression Moulding, Vacuum forming, pressure forming, analysis of thermoforming. Calendaring and analysis of calendaring. Rotational moulding. Compression moulding. Transfer moulding.   

Filament, Fabric, cloth, Mat, chopped fibres, Manufacturing methods. Semi-Automatic processing methods- cold press moulding, Automatic Process- Filament winding, centrifugal casting, pultursion and injection moulding.  


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