Physical Metallurgy 

Note: This is a core course for both WE and MS specializations in MME

Introduction to engineering materials – significance of structure property correlations in all classes of engineering materials – emphasis on structure of metallic materials – structure related terminology

Crystal structures in metallic materials – packing factor – lattice sites and vacancies – indexing – defects in crystals

Concept of dislocation - concept of alloying – effect of alloying additions on structure and engineering properties – role of diffusion in modification of engineering properties – phase rule

Concept of phase diagrams – indicative examples for binary and ternary systems – introduction to phase transformations – heat treatment – concept of strengthening mechanisms

Introduction to ferrous and non-ferrous alloy systems, equilibrium diamgrams, important special steels and non ferrous alloys.

Hands on exposure (lab component) to metallographic laboratory practices of important metallic materials and interpretation of microstructures; and exposure to mechanical testing


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