Machine Shop

Engineering is primarily a course which stresses more on practice and experience rather than theory .In order to become a successful engineer one must be thorough ,not only with the theoretical , but also the practical aspects of the subject.

In order to serve the basic purpose of education ,it becomes essential to bridge the gap between theory and practice . Our department intends to fulfil this criterion . It gives the right kind of field experience with the unique combination of conventional and modern machines it possesses .The student consequently, familiarises himself with the ambience of a typical factory layout . This shall help him immensely in his future endeavours to serve a company .The expertise of the staff and members of the workshop are always there to guide the students in this aspect .

The Department of Production Engineering plays host to a variety of laboratories which are mentioned below:


  • Power press[200 tonnes]-BEMCO
  • Centerless Grinding machine
  • Universal Tool and Cutter Grinder
  • EDM
  • Gear Hobbing machine
  • Lathe-16 nos
  • .
  • Planning machine-1 no.
  • Milling machines-4nos.
  • drilling machines-3nos.
  • Surface Grinding machine


1)All the above facilities are being used for conducting machine shop exercises and production process laboratoryto production engineering, mechanical engineering and metallurgical engineering students.

2) Also the facilities are for maintenance requirements of the college .

3)Further the facilities have been used for consultancy as and when requests are reiceved from industries sector.