National Cadet Corps

National Cadet Corps (NCC) is the largest organisation in the country with an aim to shape thousands of young men and women into responsible,alert,disciplined,strong and highly motivated citizens of our country.It inculcates a sense of commitment to the values of national integration,secularism,nationalism and social welfare and awareness in the young minds.

The Institute has a NCC(Air Wing)flight with a maximum of 50 cadets including girls.Enrolment is purely based on willingness.As the flight capacity is limited to just 50 cadets the selection is based on the physical and mental fitness among the students who have expressed their desire to join the flight.Cadets can be in NCC for a maximum period of three years.Credit is given in the first year UG programme in our flexible credit based education. After one year of training and a camp, a cadet is eligible to write 'B' certificate examination.Further,with one more year of training and attending another camp,cadet is eligible to appear for 'C' certificate examination conducted by Tamil Nadu NCC Directorate.

Each year, 40 parades each of 2 hours duration are conducted.Each parade session has 40 minutes of ground training and 80 minutes of technical subject classes covering subjects like air force,weapons & arms,aeromodelling,meteorology,general services,social welfare & awareness,first aid and personal hygiene subjects.Practical sessions on range-firing and aeromodelling are also arranged.