Aeromodelling Club


At The 3rd Dimension Aeromodelling Club, we engage ourselves to design and develop a span of models varying from Aerodynamic gliders to Autonomous Drones. We take up projects that unfold new areas related to aeromodelling, fluid mechanics, surveillance, advanced control systems, and auto-piloting algorithms, which sets new records for us.

The club was founded in 2013 by many aeromodelling enthusiasts who had a passion for defying gravity and soaring high by building UAVs from scratch. Over the years, our models were evolved significantly, our domain has expanded wide, and we have secured many podiums in different National Competitions and events.

Term Report 

3D Aero Term Report 2020-2021

3D Aero Term Report 2021-2022

Faculty Advisor

Dr. Rajasekaran G

Mechanical Engineering department

Office Bearers

Name Role Department Contact
S.R. HARSHINI President Mechanical Engineering 6379750787


G. Sai Charan Vice-President Mechanical Engineering 6303390922


G.Sindhuri Treasurer Production Engineering 7893928940


S.Darshan External Relations Electrical and Electronics Engineering 7425875024


Shreepad Narasimhan Technical Head(Aero) Mechanical Engineering 8825577850


D.Praveen Technical Head (Tronix) Chemical Engineering 7974424453


Y.Praveen Technical Head(Tronix) Instrumentation and Control Engineering 9027353058


S.Rajesh Pilot Production Engineering 8106783397


Student Team

3D Aero Members list 2021-2022

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