Graphique, the official graphic designing club of NIT Trichy, aims to spread the message of Design Thinking. Its activities are primarily centered around creating artworks for the institute's festivals - Festember and Pragyan. Graphique also takes up campus development initiatives to help everyone learn Graphic Design through workshops and the Bootcamp, by our passionate/talented members. Mentored by our Alumni, the club members also take up various industrial and real-life problem statements and regularly engage with the global community to collaboratively solve the problem statements. Graphique operates on multiple profiles such as Digital Art, Graphic Design, UI/UX, 3D Art, Motion Graphics, etc. Graphique was founded on 22nd October 2019. Graphique currently has 49 active members: 4 core members, 22 managers and 20 coordinators.

Term Report

Graphique Term Report 2021-2022

Faculty Advisor

Dr. J.Jerald

Associate Professor

Department of Production Engineering 

National Institute of Technology Tiruchirappalli



  • Festember: Ideating and designing social media content and branding for Festember 2021. Over 500 designs made so far.
  • Pragyan: Ideating and designing social media content and branding for Pragyan 2022. Over 500 designs made so far.
  •  36 Days of Type 2021: Participated in and successfully completed the yearly 36 days typographic design project promoting space for creation across the globe.
  • Money Heist X NITT: We presented NIT Trichy, a glimpse of our campus, rendered in 3D minimalist POV of the Money Heist intro.
  • Chaperone: Chaperone is a series of videos where we showcased the process that went behind the artwork we’ve done for our partner organizations and which you’ve appreciated.
  • Netflix Redesign: Redesign of the popular video streaming platform - Netflix's UI.
  • Wallpaper Week: The students of NITT were bestowed with high-quality wallpapers every day for a week on Graphique's official Instagram handle and website.
  • Roads Travelled: We were proud to work on the magazine “Roads Traveled: Past, Present, and Future” documenting the performance the trajectory of NIT Tiruchirappalli in the last five years. The magazine takes
    you through how our institute has grown over the years sailed through the hard times, and what lies ahead!
  • T&P Brochure 2021: Commissioned by Training and Placement Cell of NIT Trichy to design a UG placement brochure for the academic year 2020-21.
  • Inktober Challenge: Participating in a 31 day challenge to improve inking skills and develop positive drawing habits.
  • Project Aura: We explored diverse shades of colors to understand the emotions linked with each one. It was a project to embody this eccentric phenomenon that transcends human perception.
  • Project Lookback: Project Lookback was a throwback to the major events that happened in the year 2021. A set of 3 posts each of 9 portraits were posted on our Instagram handle.
  • NITT TV Branding: Branding for NIT Trichy's official youtube channel.
  • Art vs Artist 2021: It was a design campaign where members of our club created a portfolio of their works.

Workshops and Events

  • Graphique Bootcamp 2021 : Bootcamp was a free comprehensive workshop on the basics of Graphic Designing and Motion Graphics exclusively for the first-year B. Tech / B. Arch students of NIT Trichy. It was conducted during the month of June 2021. Students were engaged with exciting tasks and Interactive sessions
  • Graphic by Graphique 2022: Graphic by Graphique was a free a comprehensive workshop on the basics of Graphic Designing and Motion Graphics exclusively for the first year B. Tech / B. Arch students of NIT Trichy.
  • Chroma:Chroma by Graphique was a graphic design contest conducted for the first-year students conducted in the month of January. The contest was held in two formats (digital and traditional art) to accommodate the different talents and skills of the participants. Two industry experts were invited as Judges: Kamala Nair (Digital Art Judge) and June Digan (Traditional Art Judge).
  • NITT Designathon: It was a 24-hour online hackathon as part of NIT ConclaveX for designers and developers, providing a platform to compete against the best design and developing minds across the country in a fast-paced environment and test your design thinking practices. Hone your design and developing skills by responding to evolving needs and solving challenges in our community and beyond to create resilience, hope, and inspiration.
  • Timeline Workshop: Timeline workshop is a curated and exciting workshop on Video Editing, Colour Correction, 3D Art, and Motion Graphics. An excellent opportunity for the first-year students to add new skills to their skill set!

Office Bearers

Name Role Department Contact
Hameed Ibrahim President Production Engineering LinkedIn



Naveen Kumar Treasurer Chemical Engineering LinkedIn



Nivedita K Creative Director, Festember Civil Engineering LinkedIn



Shri Sarvesh Creative Director, Pragyan Electronics and Communication Engineering LinkedIn



Student Team

Graphique Members List 2021-2022

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