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The Freudian Paradox

About the Club

The Freudian Paradox is a Cognitive Science club dedicated to ideas of Analytical Psychology and Mathematical Philosophy.

With the forthcoming data revolution, we cannot deny that Data Analytics and Cognitive AI, will be one of the prime areas of research and interest in the scientific community, and in this cognitive revolution, analytical psychology and mathematical philosophy have their roots in understanding the brain.

Using these ideas we learn how cognitive ability and consciousness be integrated into Artificially Intelligent systems, behavioural economics and other applied sciences, which often get neglected, statistically known as Unconscious Bias.

Term Report

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Faculty Advisor

Dr. B. Balaji

Computer Applications

Office Bearers

Name  Designation Roll Number
Sayan Kumar Chaki President 205320019
Atulya Akash Treasurer 205320005
Rajas Jayant Joshi Secretary 205320016
Mansi Mehra Public Relations  

Social Media Handles