R&D Cell


Spider, the Research and Development Club of NIT Trichy is a group of people enthusiastic about technology and innovation. We ideate and pursue projects that are relevant to today's industry in fields like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Electronics, Computer Technology along with App and Web Development.

Spread across 4 domains: Algorithms, Tronix, App Development and Web Development, we as a team look forward to Ideate and Innovate to take Research and Development projects to greater heights.

Term Report

Spider R&D Term Report 2021-2022

Spider R&D Term Report 2021-2022

Paper Publications

Title Link
An Implementation of AR Enabled Digital Twins for 3-D Printing https://ieeexplore.ieee.org/document/9426138
Neural Network aided Optimal Routing with Node Classification
for Adhoc Wireless Network
Bee-Bots: A Blockchain Based Decentralised Swarm Robotic System https://ieeexplore.ieee.org/document/9108053
Ibex: A reconfigurable ground vehicle with adaptive terrain navigation capability https://ieeexplore.ieee.org/document/9196571

Faculty Advisor

Dr. S. Jaya Nirmala,

Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Email: sjaya@nitt.edu

Campus Development Initiatives

Orientation App: An android app for the freshmen of NIT-T 2020. The app was built on the React Native framework and had an events page, contacts page with the contacts of admin, orientation team and peer supporters, it also bundled in the documents provided by the NITT admin and had an interactive map of the NIT-T campus.

Document Requisition Portal (https://studentrequest.nitt.edu): A portal for students of NITT applying for official documents from the college administration requesting any of Bonafide, Transcript, Rank card, Grade card, Course Re-registration, Course De-registration. This automates the process for college admin to deliver documents through Email or Post or both.


Sigma Website (https://sigma.nitt.edu): SIGMA - The Business Club of NITT club website. Built for the club, used for giving updates on its projects, events, workshops, guest lectures and competitions. Along with recent updates for all its fields of interest and resources for students to gain an insight on the field.

Spider Main Website (https://spider.nitt.edu/) : Spider site, the club’s official website, being renewed with a better UI and some additional pages/features. A ‘members’ page displaying members from all batches like the previous site, a blog page, where all the medium articles and research papers etc. written by the members will be displayed, a projects page, which will have a short description of all the projects done, and an achievements page, listing all the achievements of the club.

Maintenance and Bug Fixes :

  • Hostel allocation Site
  • Mess Site
  • Sportsfete app
  • OD portal


Police CMS App: Trichy City Police

Police CMS App project is a complaint management app for the Trichy Police, to store, edit, search and process complaints in an efficient manner. The application authenticates the user by OTP verification and then provides different services like filing a new petition, sending notifications to the user about new and ongoing petitions. Completed, approval from Trichy police is pending.

Office Bearers

Name Role Department Contact
Kumar Gaurav Singh President ECE 8210982383


Sudharsan S Treasurer ECE 9600897202


Thrishik Senthilkumar Joint-Treasurer ICE 9791827821


Harshit Agrawal Algos Head CSE 7016004637


Naren Sairam App Dev Head CSE 9791131673


S P Sharan Tronix Head ECE 9176910007


Jerry J Web Dev Head CSE 7092622767


Student Team

Spider members list 2021-2022

Social Media Handles