NITT has always believed in the philosophy that the development of an individual is not accomplished through pedantic learning alone but should be complimented by a healthy dose of co-curricular and extra curricular activities too. The foremost example of this philosophy is 'NITTFEST' - an annual extravaganza of fine arts!

During NITTFEST, departments square off against each other over two days, on an even keel, to battle over quizzes, debates, music, terpischorean delights and more - small battles fought under the umbrella of a big war. A war which shall on a pleasant Sunday evening, determine the best of them all. It is during such battles that the ceiling of belonging to the department merges and grows to its zenith. a time when heros emerge in all, heartbreak for some, ecstasy for others, but glory for the college and a treat for all.

It is thus evident that NITTFEST is more than just a fest - it is in effect, a tribute to the creative genius inherent in every Nittian. In keeping with its tradition, the high standards of NITTFEST assure the sponsor a high degree of exposure, one that spans a community of over 3000.