Activities and Services offered

Some of the major activities and services offered by CSG 

  1. ADS, DHCP, IP Address allocation, policy, etc
  2. Anti-Virus (Clients, Servers, Virus Definitions updating)
  3. AV basic support (Projector, Web Cameras, Audio & Video equipment) at Departments, A Halls, LHC, Orion
  4. Azure, etc (under planning & development stage)
  5. Backup (Regular Backing up of Servers/Clients & Restoration)
  6. Boys Hostels - 22 locations (Networking Switches, Access Points. FOC)
  7. Cloud Computing, Cluster Computing, HPC (under planning & development stage)
  8. Computer Labs to supplement classroom instructions with laboratory sessions
  9. Consultancy
  10. Cyber Crime
  11. DDFS usage issues, admin management, creating forms/templates, etc (under implementation stage)
  12. Desktop Installation, Troubleshooting
  13. Department Library
  14. DNS (Maintaining A records, PTR records, MX records, etc Troubleshooting)
  15. Documentation
  16. Email Server & Email Appliance, Linux User Accounts, Troubleshooting
  17. E-learning / E-resources, NPTEL, etc
  18. Girls Hostels - 5 locations (Networking Switches, Access Points, FOC)
  19. Hardware
  20. Intranet websites creation, courseplan, etc maintenance & updating
  21. Internet, ISP monitoring, tracking
  22. Internet facility to quarters zone through CCS
  23. IT Helpdesk Complaint Registration, Tracking & Feedback
  24. IT Training (in-house)
  25. IT Support to Various Counseling and Admission Process for UG and PG
  26. KMS (Key Management Service, 2000+ clients)
  27. Laptop Installation, Troubleshooting
  28. Lab Booking & Allotment
  29. License Management (of various Software)
  30. Linux Servers, User Accounts, Troubleshooting
  31. Live Streaming & On-demand Streaming
  32. Logs analyzing, storing & management
  33. MIS
  34. Moodle, Other Open Source Software
  35. MRTG (Multi Router Traffic Grapher)
  36. NAS Server
  37. National Knowledge Network (NKN) through NIC via Railnet
  38. National Mission on Education through Information & Communication Technology (NME-ICT) through BSNL
  39. Networking (Active), NMS, VLAN, EAPS
  40. Networking (Passive)
  41. Network facility to Hospital Clinical Laboratory equipment
  42. No dues (checking, issuing)
  43. Office 365, etc (under planning & development stage)
  44. Online test / entrance examinations (Trainee, DEO, PhD etc)
  45. Pearson (GMAT, UKCAT, NSCA, etc),
  46. Peripherals
  47. Photography support during institute functions
  48. Printers & Scanners Installation, Basic Troubleshooting,
  49. Printing Service to the Students
  50. Providing support to monitor Electricity information
  51. Providing support to monitor water flow information
  52. Software Installation, Basic Troubleshooting, Support
  53. Software Development, Employees Income Tax, Recruitment website, etc
  54. Surveillance Camera & NVR Installation, Troubleshooting, Monitoring, PoE Switches (120 cameras in Octagon, Annex1 & Annex2, 50 cameras in Hostels + 8 cameras at entrances)
  55. Supporting for online test / entrance examinations
  56. Tally ERP Accounting support
  57. T&P online exam support
  58. UPS & Battery Installation, Checking, Troubleshooting
  59. UTM (Blocking sites, releasing sites, Ports, Policy, DMZ, Logs, Monitoring, Troubleshooting)
  60. Video Conferencing (VC) setup, support
  61. Video recording support during institute functions
  62. Virtual Class Rooms
  63. WDS (Windows Deployment Services for Lab Computers)
  64. Website (Conference website Design, Maintenance)
  65. Windows Servers, Windows User Accounts, Troubleshooting
  66. Wireless Networking, Access Points (600+), Controllers, NMS at 28 hostels & institute zone