Estate Maintenance



The Estate Maintenance department has the responsibility to maintain the campus spread over an extent of 777.77 acres. The department is headed by an Assistant Executive Engineer of the State PWD on deputation. He coordinates and oversees the functions of the building, water supply and electrical wings.

Assistant Engineers drawn from the State PWD, are in charge of civil maintenance. They supervise the repair and maintenance of instructional buildings, staff quarters and student hostels. An Assistant Engineer from the State TWAD Board, ensures regular water supply in the campus and an Assistant Engineer from the State Electricity Board, is in charge of electrical maintenance. Two Sanitary Inspectors ensure hygienic environment in the campus.

Apart from the buildings and quarters the Estate Maintenance department also maintains the Guest House in top shape. VIPs, college guests and visiting faculty are accommodated in 16 rooms and a VIP suite. All the rooms are air-conditioned.

A total of 140 regular and NMR employees of the Estate Maintenance department work.

Registrar, is nominated as Estate Officer of this Institute.

Associate Deans will report to the Estate Officer and this four-member team together will work under Dean (Planning & Development). 

The Department of Estate Maintenance will work under the overall control of Estate Officer. Estate Officer, Assistant Engineer – Water Supply and Assistant Engineer – will work under the three Associate Deans named above. 

1. Power House No   94890 66206
2. Lift Emergency    94890 66204
3. Lift Emergency    9843744257
4. Complaints In charge 94890 66203

Building Type Plinth Area (m2)
Instructional 39249
Administrative 10579
Amenities 43748
Residential 23673