Head of the Department

Dr. P.J.A Alphonse

Email: hodca@nitt.edu, alphonse@nitt.edu

Graph Theory and its Algorithms, Fault Tolerant Networks


Dr. P.J.A Alphonse

Graph Theory and its Algorithms, Fault Tolerant Networks

Dr. S. R. Balasundaram

Object Oriented Programming, Analysis & Design; Software Engineering; Internet and Web Technologies

Dr Michael Arock

Dr. Michael Arock

Data Structures, DNA Computing, Design and Analysis of Sequential and Parallel Computing

Dr. S. Nickolas

Data Mining for scheduling, Web Mining, Autonomic Computing

Associate Professors

Dr. S. Domnic

Data Compression, Image and Video Processing, Information Retrieval.

Dr. G. R. Gangadharan

Cloud / Edge / Service Oriented Computing, Big Data Analytics

Assistant Professors

Dr. R. Eswari

Data Structures and Algorithms, Database Management Systems

Dr. (Mrs.) B. Janet

Computer Organisation and Architecture, Data Mining

Dr.(Mrs.) S. Sangeetha

Natural Language Processing (NLP), Information Extraction

Dr. U. Srinivasulu Reddy

Bioinformatics & Computational Biology, Soft Computing Techniques, Big Data Analytics, Design and Analysis of Algorithms

Dr. Jitendra Kumar

Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics, Computational Intelligence, Multi-Objective Optimization, Cloud Computing

Dr. Ghanshyam S. Bopche

Computer Network, Cyber Security, Digital Forensic


Image Processing, Mathematical Imaging, Deep Learning, Soft Computing

Dr. Selvakumar K

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Soft Computing, Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs), IoT, Web Mining, NLP, and User Personalization

Visiting Professor

Dr N P Gopalan

Dr. N. P. Gopalan

Data Mining, Web Technology, Distributed Computing, Theoretical Computer science