Dr. V.M. Biju




Academic Proficiency:

Ph.D.(Luminescence/ionic imprinting technology /solid phase extraction), (2002 – 2006) Regional Research Laboratory (CSIR), Trivandrum (Kerala University), Kerala, India 

M.Sc. (Analytical Chemistry), (1995 – 1997) Bishop Moore College (affiliated to Kerala University, Trivandrum, India)

 B.Ed. (Physical Science), (1994 – 1995)Teacher Education centre (affiliated to Kerala University, Trivandrum, India) 

B.Sc. (Chemistry), (1991 – 1994)Subjects: Chemistry, Physics, MathematicsMar Ivanios College (affiliated to Kerala University, Trivandrum, India)





 Junior Project Fellow

Inorganic Materials Grouop

Reginal Research Laboratory (CSIR)

Trivandrum - 695 019, India

 (December 1998-

December 2001)

 Senior Reseach Fellow - CSIR

Trace Analysis Group

Reginal Research Laboratory (CSIR)

Trivandrum - 695 019, India

(January 2002 -

January 2005)

 Project Associate


Trace Analysis Group

Reginal Research Laboratory (CSIR)

Trivandrum - 695 019, India

 (August 2005 -

April 2006)


 Assistant Professor

Department of Chemistry

National Institute of Technology,

Trichy - 620 015

 (April 2006 -

    till date)



Responsibilities and Accomblishments:

·     Conducted team and independent research on development of novel luminescence procedures and synthesis of ion imprinting polymers for lanthanides
·        Carried out a variety solid phase extraction methods using newly functionalized sorbents.
·        Well versed in applying spectroscopic techniques like NMR, IR, UV-Visible, Mass spectrometry, etc to characterize the chemical compounds
·        Published research articles in reputed journals and presented papers in scientific conferences
·        Assisting in initiating research projects with post graduate students. 

Participation in Academic Activities:

 ·        Acted as a member of organizing committee of “International Conference on Nanomaterial & its Applications” held at NIT, Trichy, India from 4 to 6 February 2007.
 ·        Acted as a coordinator for “Training programme for National Eligibility Test (NET)” held at NIT, Trichy on 26th & 27th April 2007. 

Technical Expertise:

 Technical skills include operation of instruments like FT-IR, UV-visible spectrophotometer, Luminescence spectrometer, FIAS-AAS and have the knowledge in computers.

Awards and Honors:

 ·        Senior Research Fellowship (2002) from Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, Ministry of Human Resources Development, Government of India, New Delhi.
·        Contributed as co-author in ENCYLOPEDIA OF ANALYTICAL SCIENCEfor an article “SPECTROPHOTOMETY: ORGANIC COMPOUNDSProf. Paul J. Worsfold, Prof. Alan Townshend and Prof. Colin F. Poole, Elsevier, oxford, second edition, Vol. 8 (2005) pp. 358-365.
·        Best oral presentation award for the paper entitledLUMINESCENCE DETERMINATION OF ERBIUM WITH 5,7-DIIODOQUNIOLINE-8-OL AND RHODAMINE 6G”, V.M. Biju and T. Prasada Rao, presented in NSERD, August 24-26, 2000, Tirupati.  


 Visited Pohang University of Science & Technology (POSTEC), San 31 Hyoja-Dong, Nam-Gu, Pohang, Kyungbuk, 790-784, South Korea as a “Visiting Researcher” from 11-06-2007 to 11-07-2007 under Technical Education for Quality Improvement Programme (TEQIP) for abroad training.  

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