Academic Audit

Academic audits serve as comprehensive evaluations of educational programs within institutes, aiming to ensure quality, integrity, and compliance with established standards. These audits involve meticulous assessments of various aspects such as curriculum design, teaching methodologies, assessment practices, faculty qualifications, infrastructure, and support services. Through rigorous scrutiny and analysis, academic audits identify strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement, facilitating evidence-based decision-making and strategic planning. By adhering to accreditation requirements and benchmarks, institutes uphold their commitment to excellence and accountability, thereby enhancing their reputation and credibility within the academic community and beyond. Academic audits foster a culture of continuous improvement, driving innovation and excellence in teaching, research, and service delivery, ultimately enriching the educational experience for students and stakeholders alike.

  1. Guidelines for Academic Audit (pdf)
  2. Requisition for approval of members (AA) (pdf)
  3. Budget estimate for conducting Academic Audit (pdf)
  4. Requisition for conducting Academic Audit (pdf)
  5. Academic Audit Report (pdf)