Faculty Profiles

IRINS is web-based Research Information Management (RIM) service developed by the Information and Library Network (INFLIBNET) Centre. The portal facilitates the academic, R&D organisations and faculty members, scientists to collect, curate and showcase the scholarly communication activities and provide an opportunity to create the scholarly network. The IRINS is available as free software-as-service to the academic and R&D organisations in India.

The IRINS would support to integrate the existing research management system such as HR system, course management, grant management system, institutional repository, open and commercial citation databases, scholarly publishers, etc. It has integrated with academic identity such as ORCID ID, Scopus ID, Research ID, Microsoft Academic ID, Google Scholar ID for ingesting the scholarly publication from various sources.


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Faculty Profiles (Institute)

Faculty profiles offer a comprehensive overview of the academic expertise, research interests, and professional accomplishments of educators within a institution. These profiles serve as a valuable resource for students, researchers, and prospective collaborators seeking to understand the diverse skill sets and contributions of faculty members. These profiles detail faculty members' educational backgrounds, areas of specialization, publications, grants, and any notable achievements. Through faculty profiles, individuals can gain insights into the breadth and depth of knowledge available within an institution, facilitating connections and fostering interdisciplinary collaborations.

For further details, refer : https://www.nitt.edu/home/academics/departments/faculty/