Project work outside the institute (VIII semester)

Project work outside the institute during the 8th semester represents a significant milestone in students' academic journey, providing them with an immersive experience in real-world project management and problem-solving. Typically undertaken in collaboration with industry partners, research institutions, or community organizations, these projects offer students the opportunity to apply their accumulated knowledge and skills to address authentic challenges or explore innovative solutions within their field of study. Working outside the confines of the institute exposes students to diverse perspectives, methodologies, and practical constraints, fostering adaptability, creativity, and critical thinking. Moreover, engaging in project work outside the institute cultivates important professional competencies such as communication, collaboration, and project management, while also expanding students' networks and career opportunities. Ultimately, the experience gained from undertaking project work outside the institute during the 8th semester equips students with valuable insights, experiences, and competencies that enrich their academic journey and prepare them for future endeavors in their chosen field.

  1. Guidelines for Evaluation and Grading of Students Doing Project Work Outside their Department (pdf)
  2. Academic Course and Credit Requirements_VIII Semester Internship Project Outside Institute (pdf)
  3. Declaration Form for Project Work Outside Institute during 8th Semester (pdf)
  4. Monthly Basis Statement of Attendance  Performance Report (pdf)