Scholarship and Stipend Section

The scholarship section of the academic office shoulders significant responsibilities related to facilitating access to educational opportunities and supporting students' academic pursuits. Its primary role involves administering scholarship programs, which includes tasks such as disseminating information about available scholarships, managing application processes, and evaluating candidates based on established criteria. Beyond the administrative aspects, this section plays a crucial role in providing guidance and support to students throughout the scholarship application process, assisting with inquiries, and offering resources for scholarship search and application preparation. Moreover, the scholarship section collaborates with academic departments and other stakeholders to promote equity and diversity in scholarship opportunities and to recognize and celebrate the achievements of scholarship recipients.

Roles and responsibilities of the Scholarship and Stipend Section

Administration of Scholarships and Stipends: Managing the application process, selection criteria, and disbursement of scholarships and stipends to eligible students. This involves coordinating with various departments, faculty members, and external agencies to ensure timely and fair distribution of funds.

Policy Development and Compliance: Developing and maintaining policies and procedures related to scholarships and stipends, ensuring compliance with institutional guidelines. This may include establishing eligibility criteria, award amounts, renewal requirements, and reporting obligations.

Communication and Outreach: Serving as a primary point of contact for inquiries related to scholarships and stipends, both from current and prospective students. Providing clear and accurate information regarding available opportunities, application deadlines, eligibility requirements, and application procedures. Additionally, conducting outreach efforts to promote awareness of scholarship and stipend programs within the institution and the broader community.

Application Review and Selection: Reviewing scholarship and stipend applications, assessing candidates based on established criteria such as academic merit, financial need, and extracurricular involvement. Collaborating with selection committees or faculty members to evaluate applicants fairly and make award recommendations.

Financial Management: Overseeing the budgetary aspects of scholarship and stipend programs, including allocation of funds, tracking expenditures, and reconciling accounts. Ensuring responsible stewardship of financial resources and adherence to budgetary constraints.

Student Support Services: Providing guidance and assistance to students throughout the scholarship and stipend application process, including help with completing application forms, gathering required documentation, and understanding award terms and conditions.

Collaboration and Liaison: Collaborating with internal stakeholders, such as academic departments, financial aid offices, and institutional research offices, to ensure alignment and integration of scholarship and stipend activities with broader institutional goals and initiatives. Serving as a liaison with external entities, including government agencies, and corporate sponsors, to cultivate partnerships and secure funding opportunities for scholarships and stipends.

Formats for Download (Scholarship)

1. Scholarship Application for Bonafide Certificate (pdf)

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