Director & Officiating Chairperson BoG

Dr. G. Aghila
Director & Officiating Chairperson BoG, NIT Tiruchirappalli

Previously, Dr. Aghila served as Registrar-in-charge of NIT Puducherry where she was Professor of Computer Science and Engineering. A PhD from Anna University, Chennai, Dr. Aghila has contributed significantly to the fields of Block Chain, Big Data Analytics, Ontology Engineering, Cheminformatics and AI.

NIT Tiruchirappalli, which is the 9th best NIRF-ranked Engineering Institute, is poised to reach greater heights under the new Director. While taking charge, she said that her priority is to make NIT Trichy more visible at the national and global levels. Dr. Aghila brings with her the wealth of a 32-year career in which she has carved a niche as both an academic and an administrator.