Head of the Department

Dr.G.Lakshmi Narayanan

VLSI based System Design

Professors (HAG Scale)


Dr. B. Venkataramani

DSP application in Communication & Networking, VLSI design.


Dr.G.Lakshmi Narayanan

VLSI based System Design


Wireless Communication,Optical Communication

Dr. M.Bhaskar

Digital Signal Processors,VLSI system design

Dr. D. Sriram Kumar

Microwave integrated circuits, Optical networks, Smart antennas, Carbon nanotube antennas

Dr. P.Palanisamy

Adaptive Noise Cancellation, Array Processing for Bearing Estimation.

Associate Professors 

Dr. B.Malarkodi

Adhoc Networks,Wireless communication and LTE

Dr. E.S. Gopi

Artificial Intelligence for Digital Signal Processing applications,Image Processing, Speech Processing, Bio-medical signal processing & other digital signal processing, Fuzzy logic systems, Genetic Algorithm, Artificial Neural Network

Dr. R. Pandeeswari

Microwave Engineering,Waveguides

Dr. R. K. Jeyachitra

Optical Wireless Communication (OWC),Communication Systems,Microwave  Photonics, Optical Communication and Networks, Microwave Electronics,Radio-Over –Fiber (ROF) systems

Assistant Professors

Dr. N. Gunavathi

MICs, UWB Antennas, Digital Communication, Optical Communication

Dr. B.Rebekka

Wireless Communication,Computer Networks,Microwave Antennas

Dr. G. Thavasi Raja

Fiber Optics & Photonics, Digital Communication Systems

Dr. V. Sudha

Wireless Communication, Multicarrier Wireless Systems, Digital Communication Systems, Optical Wireless Communication, Radio over Fiber (ROF) Systems, Wireless Networks.

Dr. S .Deivalakshmi

Signal and Image Processing

Ms. R. Thilagavathy

Embedded system design, Low power VLSI system design

Ms. R. K. Kavitha

Asynchronous System Design, Low power VLSI system design, Quantum Photonics integrated design

Dr. R. Malmathanraj

Image processing, Neural Network, Medical image processing

Dr. Varun P. Gopi

Signal Processing, Medical Image Processing, Artificial Intelligence, Compressed sensing, Circuits & systems

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