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Dr. V. Muthupandi


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Dr. V. Muthupandi did his bachelor’s degree in metallurgical engineering from REC, Tiruchirappalli at 1979. He completed his master’s in industrial metallurgy from REC, Tiruchirappalli at 1983. He completed his doctoral degree in the area of welding of duplex stainless steel from IIT Madras at 2006. He has 35+ years of experience in teaching. He guided 4 Ph.D. scholars so far and presently guiding six more Ph.D. scholars and 1 M.S. (By research). He is a life member of various professional bodies like IIM, IIW, IWS and ISTE and HKSME. He has organized severalNational and International level FDP, workshops, seminars and conferences. He is a reviewer in many internationally refereed journals.


Research Interests

Dr. V. Muthupandihas his research interest towards welding engineering, structure-property correlation, Plasma electrolytic oxidation, and corrosion. He successfully completed many projects from NRB, UGC, MHRD and DST. He has 50+ International and national research papers and 50+ conference papers.


Recent Publications

  1. P.Rajesh Kannan, V.Muthupandi, K.DevakumaranC.Sridivyaa, E.Arthi, ‘’ Effect of grain size on self -healing behaviour of sensitized S304HCu stainless steel’’ Materials Chemistry and Physics, 207, 1, 203-211, 2018.
  2. Mohit VIshnoi, Veerappan Muthupandi, S Senthil Murugan,’’ Characterization of hydrophobic coating developed by micro arc oxidation on AA2014 alloy’’ Indian Journal of Engineering and Materials Sciences, 24(5), 325-330, 2017.
  3. RavibharathRajanbabu, Muthupandi Veerappan, Ravichandran Ganesan, Easwaran Ramakrishna iyer, ‘’Studies on Hot Cracking Susceptibility and Establishment of Welding Procedure of Austenitic Stainless Steel Grade UNS S31035 for Power Plant Application’’ Trans Indian Inst Met, 70(3), 721–727, 2017.
  4. Vimalan, G. Ravichandran, V. Muthupandi, ‘’ Phase Transformation Behaviour in P91 During Post Weld Heat Treatment: A Gleeble Study’’ Transactions of The Indian Institute Of Metals, 70, Issue 3, 875–885, 2017.
  5. Ramkumar P, Karthikeyan M. K, Gupta R. K, Anil Kumar V, MagadumChidanand, Muthupandi V, ‘’ Plasma Arc Welding of High Strength 0.3 % C–CrMoV (ESR) Steel, Transactions of The Indian Institute Of Metals, 70, no5, 1317-1322, 2016.