Student project 1989

Sl.No Name of the project Year
1 Robotic Work Cell Design Using Graphic Simulation 1989
2 A Practical Study And Analysis On Feasibility Of Study Welding 1989
3 Cold Forming Of Close Radius Bends-A Extended Study 1989
4 Quality Through Effectively Implemented Calibration System- An Industrial Experience 1989
5 Stress Analysis Of Taper Vertical Shaft Of 623 Rp Bowl Mill 1989
6 Enhancing Capabilities Of Header Nipple Welding System In BHEL 1989
7 Design And Fabrication Of Precision Indexing Two Jaw Chuck 1989
8 Computer Aided Design And Fabrication Of Self Feed Pneumatic Drilling Machine 1989
9 Computer Aided Design Of Pneumatic Conveyor 1989
10 Interfacing Of CAD Package And CAM For Automatic Generation Of NC Data 1989
11 Study Of The Barrelling Of Solid Cylinder Uniaxial Compressive Load 1989
12 Production Planning And Control Of Gravimetric Feeder 1989
13 Quality Control Of Critical Burner Compoments 1989
14 An Aspect Of Quality Control In Heat Exchanger Tubes 1989
15 Industrial Hygiene And Safety Of Plasma Arc Welding 1989
16 Quality Assurance Of Med. Pressure Valves 1989
17 Detailing Of Steel Structures Using Auto Cad 1989
18 Investigations Of Tooth Surfaces Of Worm Gearing 1989
19 Detailing Of Steel Structure Using Autocad 1989